Sainte Genovefa is an enabler of creativity. We aim to epitomize the essence of what makes the world an imaginative and inspirational place.

Our designs evoke countless complex associations, thoughts, desires, and opinions by taking a variety of materials with evocative qualities, and arranging them into a purposeful form of wearable art. Essentially, we take into account a broader physical experience, operating within the realm of sensory perception, in a way “installing” the viewer into an artificial setting with the hopes of igniting their subjective awareness. With a strong focus on wearable art installations, we work with brands to create one-of-a-kind pieces for exhibition, editorials, galleries, performances/videos, and public/private events and venues.

Sainte Genovefa also creates one-of-a-kind wearable pieces for innovators of style – found at the boutique. These collection pieces are available for purchase or rent – subject to our terms and conditions.