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Everybody has a story.

The Legend of Sainte Genovefa is a story about a countess that was accused of adultery by her husband’s entrusted steward. After being rejected by the beautiful woman who would not return his love, he decided to seek revenge.

With no one having faith in her innocence, including her own husband, she was led into the forest by the count’s men, who were to cut out her heart and bring it back to the castle, as proof of her execution. However the mercy of the soldiers resulted in her being set free, never to return to the castle.

It was Genovefa’s constant faith that kept her alive, until years later, her husband would find her while riding through the forest. All was then revealed, the accuser was killed and they lived – as most legends end – happily ever after. And so, she was known to the people of the Rhine as St. Genovefa; a name that will last to all time.

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