Sainte Genovefa Editorial


Sainte Genovefa was created by Toronto designer Jennifer Menecola, for her final thesis in Fashion Communications at Ryerson University. During her research on brand identity and the story behind a brand, Jennifer created the entire brand identity and business model for Sainte Genovefa. She then found a creative way to artistically portray her findings through the intricate use of chain. It was in the midst of this execution that she knew she wanted to continue creating pieces that metaphorically and artistically reflected her inspirations.

Amongst her growing clientele, Jennifer has collaborated with M.A.C Cosmetics, and showcased her work for Tourism Toronto’s World Pride VIP Booth. She loves to explore all things creative and believes in the power of an idea – no matter how small.

“Every vision needs a strategy, and every design needs to communicate. Bridging these gaps is my passion. I believe good design is profoundly connected to its philosophy – The idea becomes the machine that makes the work of art.” – Jennifer Menecola